Iceland – Eirikur HAUKSSON – Valentine Love – Eurovision 2007

eirikur-hauksson-eurovision-2007.jpgParticipant: Eiríkur HAUKSSON

Song: Valentine Love
Writer: Peter FENNER
Composer: Sveinn Rúnar SIGURÞSSON

Video and mp3:

Valentine Love

I’ll let the music play
while love lies softly bleeding.
In heavy hands on shadowlands.
As thunder clouds roll in
sunset is receding.
No summer wine – no Valentine.

A tiger trapped inside a cage.
An actor on an empty stage.
Come see the show!
Rock ‘n’ roll can heal your soul
when broken hearts lose all control.

Some rivers still run dry
and jungles burn to embers.
Gold autumn days, must fade to grey.
There is a reason why
a haunted man remembers
one frozen night – his darkest day (oh…)


Passion killed by acid rain.
A rollercoaster in my brain.
But, how would you know!
In your satin, silk and lace…
Another time another place.


A love let loose and painted black.
A train stuck on a broken track.
I’ll let it go!
Rock ‘n’ roll has healed my soul.
The stage is set – on with the show!

Eiríkur Hauksson

eirikur-hauksson-eurovision-2007.jpg Eirikur Hauksson started singing rock music at the age of 15 and won his first music award for his song “Sekur” (Guilty) in 1981. He fronted the rock groups Start, Drýsill, Artch and Pops, and has toured with former Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robeson’s band. Recently Eirikur has been working with Ken Hensley, who is renowned for his work with Uriah Heep in the 1970’s, and frequently performs with his mates in Iceland.

Eirikur moved to Norway in 1988 where he has been actively involved with music for a long time. He participated in ESC 1986 for Iceland with Icy and for Norway in 1991 with Just 4 Fun. Eirikur has made several albums and is considered one of Iceland’s top rock vocalists.

Valeriu Tihai » Eurovision Song Contest 2007 Helsinki

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serbia is the winer,,and if she doesnt win it will be unfair,,but anyway she will stay in the top of the list and she will be in our hearts………..go serbia
and the second of course…macedonia


Dear Eirikur!
Thank you vary much for your great song! :))

Rock ‘n’ roll can heal your soul
when broken hearts lose all control…

G-R-E-A-T!!! :))))