Slovenia – Alenka GOTAR – Cvet Z Juga – Eurovision 2007

slovenia-alenka-gotar-eurovision.jpgEntry: Cvet z juga

Artist: Alenka Gotar

Music: Andrej Babić

Lyrics: Andrej Babić

Video and mp3:

Cvet z juga (Slovenian)

Vzemi, vzemi cvet v roko,
Ne sprašuj, kako bom brez tebe.

Daj ga na prsi svoje,
naj spomin ti bo na mene.

Moj beli cvet,
moj daljni svet,
daj, vrni se,
moj bodi spet.

Za vedno vse moje
v življenju tvoje je,
cvet z juga, blizu morja Å¡e,
jaz čakam te,

…Å¡e čakam te.

Ljubim nekaj, česar več ni,
Le privid si mi iz daljnih dni.
Flower of the south (English)
Take this flower, take it now,
please, don’t ask me how will I live.

Put it, put it close to your heart,
and when we’re appart, I’ll still feel.

White flower of mine
cold world of yours
How long apart,
how long, who knows?

Bring him back to me
too long he’s captured in my dream,
my precious flower of the south,
I’m by the sea…

… still waiting for him.

Alenka Gotar
slovenia-alenka-gotar-eurovision.jpg The soprano singer Alenka Gotar was born in Ljubljana in 1977. After finishing elementary and junior musical school, where she learned to play the piano and guitar, she then entered Secondary School Poljane and the Secondary Musical and Ballet School in Ljubljana, where she studied soloist singing under the tutelage of Prof Marcos Bajuk. In 1996, Alenka graduated from both schools and was immediately admitted to the Musik Akademie der Stadt in Basel, Switzerland, where she studied singing. In 1999, she moved to Mozarteum in Salzburg, where she was invited by the distinguished musical expert Prof Lilian Sukis. Alenka graduated in 2000 and continued her postgraduate studies in singing and opera performance with Prof Lilian Sukis. Alenka received her M.A. in singing and theatre sciences in 2006. She enriched her singing education and experience in Rome with Ms Maja Sunari-Biankini and by attending seminars on singing, led by Ms Marjana Lipovšek and Mr Alfred Burgstaller.

In 1996, Alenka was awarded the first prize at the state competition for young musicians of the Republic of Slovenia and also the prize for the best interpretation of Slovene solos.

In 1999, she was awarded 3rd prize at the International Singing Festival “Feruccio Tagliavini” in Deutschlandsberg, Austria.

In 2003, Alenka won the special award from the Klagenfurt Theatre for the best world stage person, where a whole host of the worlds leading opera singers also took part.

Since 2000, Alenka Gotar regularly appears at SNG Opera in balet Ljubljana, where she sings numerous prominent operatic roles. At the Europäische Musikmonat Festival 2001 in Basel, Alenka sang soprano in the multimedia opera Skamander by the Swiss composer Beato Gysin, which was performed there for the first time.


Alenka Gotar is a renowned concert solo singer. Up to now, she has performed with various orchestras and chamber groups in Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia and Scandinavia. In 2003, she did a recording for the Swiss radio station DRS3 with one of the most distinguished and respected composers of our time, György Kurtag. She also records with the RTV Slovenia Orchestra and collaborates with the most renowned conductors in Slovenia and Europe on regular basis.

In the 2004/2005 season, she was a permanent member of the ensemble of soloists at the SNG Opera in Balet Ljubljana. At the moment, she has regular guest appearances at the Maribor Opera. She is also a solo singer in Salzburg and at the SNG Opera in balet Ljubljana.

Andrej Babić

Andrej has expressed his love of music from a very tender age. After finishing primary and secondary musical school, he began to compose in earnest. Andrej immediately reaped success with the group Teens. His songs reached the dizzy heights of gold sales, and also reached top of the charts. When the group split up in 2001, Andrej continued to collaborate with one of the group members, Claudia Beni. In 2003, he wrote “ViÅ¡e nisam tvoja” for Claudia, who represented Croatia at the Eurovision song contest. After this success, Andrej worked with numerous Croatian singers and singers from other countries. In 2005, he wrote “Call me” for the group Feminnem, which represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Eurovision song contest in that same year. Andrej will try his luck again with his new song at the Eurovision for the third time and representing a third country – this time representing Slovenia.


Za mene Alenka je pravi pobednik i imala je najbolju pesmu na Euroviziji kao i ceo njen nastup je za svaku pohvalu…
BRAVO za Alenku i Sloveniju BRAVO!!!!!
Veliki pozdrav za Alenku i Sloveniju
od Milosa iz Srbije!


I loved the song that Alenka signed “Cvet z juga” but I didn’t understood what was she singing 🙁
That’s why I listend the english version & I liked it but where can I download the Engish version from???
pls wrotte to me my mail si


Hello, I am from Lithuania
Everu time, when I and my boyfriend go by car, we listening Alenka’s song “Cvet z juga” and every time it gives us the shivers; every time I want cry, because it is the only song, that cuold be the first in Eurovision. It is so sad, true worth often goes unrecognized…
(sorry for my terrible english)


i never hear about Alenka before eurovision but when i make my search with opera in internet i received link with her name i clicked and than that song kick me from i world.i allready know this song and singing every day.very nice song,slovenian language was perfect in this song.i understund complytely wat she sings.i really wanna sing with her:)edvardas valivonis is londono

Mark Sciberras

You are right now its 3 years already passed, and I still love the song.. I miss Alenka 🙁 I had written the first post in here after hearing the song.. She should have been the WINNER but she WON for me FOREVER.

Mark from Malta.