anetta johnson

dear seanjohn, this is nettdogg writing you a little message,, im not trying to tell you how to run your bussiness but i do have a few suggestions on what’s hot in my hood and maybe everybodies else’s hood is this we would like have more of long leather skirts with maybe some lacematerial and some silk material as far as us women want and also come out with some shoes that matches the women’s clothing line and apparell i love your material you use and styles you create i wish i could work for you and give you some young material advice/but long skirts and denim is hot right now and also if you like come out with some cordoroy outfits for the fall instead of leather and fur try some fun ideas this should help you a lot in sales today love ya


and also it’s me again nettdogg i would love to feed you some input for your business i just love fashion and i see all of these designers and different styles but people forgot the real sense of style these days are just plain imagination and i have a huge one i would love for you to email and we could go over things you have now and maybe if you like i could maybe add a little something to it just for fun if u would like here is just a little hint in my mind i love your taste with your taste and some of my idea’s you will be the biggest thing happening for us black folks… how about this some silk boots with stretch skin lamb skin /silk boots with glass heels..write me back and tell me what you think…