Georgia – Sopho – Visionary Dream – Eurovision 2007

georgia-eurovision.jpgParticipant: Sopho

Song: Visionary Dream

Writer: Bibi KVACHADZE

Composer: Beqa JAPARIDZÉ

Video and mp3:

Visionary Dream

I’ll dream of tales and rhymes
In visionary dream
This precious moment of my life
Holds me excited

I will fly away
To reach the heights I’ve ever dreamed
Beneath the sun
No sense of time and space

Anticipation of your light
Holds me excited

Clouds containing lakes
I’m near the haze of pouring light
I feel embraced

Sailing through my story
Sharing my history
Sailing through my story
Sharing my history

Sailing through my story
Sharing my history
Sailing through my story
Sharing my history

This precious moment of my life
Holds me excited
The meditation of my dreams
Holds me delighted

I will fly away
To reach the ambience I’ve dreamed
Beneath the sun

Sailing through my story
Sharing my history
Sailing through my story
Sharing my history

Sailing’ through my story
Sharing’ my history

georgia-eurovision.jpg Sopho (Sopho Khalvashi) was born in 31.05.86 in Batumi, Georgia. She started singing when she was only 3 years old. She began attending the Music School (Piano and Oboe Department) in Batumi.

In 2004 she became the winner of the musical contest designated for young singers “Nutsa’s School – 2004.” Sopho’s real fame came later when she won the first international competition in 2006.

Sopho Khalvashi became the third prize winner at the commercial song contest „New Wave – 2006” in Jurmala, Latvia.

Her first album “Visionary Dream” was released specially for the Eurovision Song Contest. The album contains English Lingual songs, among which the song “Visionary Dream” will represent Georgia on the Eurovision Song Contest.

Beka Japaridze

Japaridze was born on October 1, 1982 in Tbilisi, Georgia. He graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of Modern Art and Show Business. In 2000-2004, Japaridze worked for studio Georgian Records as Audio Director. Since 2004 he has been General Producer of Step Record company. At present Japaridze continues working on a number of projects: Group String, albums of Brothers Lezhavas and Group Soft Eject. Japaridze is the producer of the album „The Last Minute of a Terrorist” by Group „Mtsvane otakhi” (Green Room).

Japaridze’s other works include compositions and re-makes. Japaridze authored the project „Chven Erti Gundi Vart” (We are one team) – The anthem of fan club of the Georgian national football team – official as well as rock and electronic versions, which included the music for the film „Erti Gundi” (One team).


Bibi Kvachadze

Bibi Kvachadze, a Georgian musician, composer and songwriter has been involved in mass-communications activities for many years. During the period of 1995-2001 he was Musical Director of the television studio Maestro. He worked as a DJ at the same time. Kvachadze is an author, host and producer of a number of popular musical radio programs and talk shows (Radio 96, Audientsia). Based on his professional education he is a specialist of International Relations, Law and Economy.
Since 1995 Kvachadze has actively cooperated with Georgian Radio and local TV stations.


THIS SONG WAS AWESOME!!! If i think the garbage that has won instead…grrr is this why italy doesn’t goes anymore? unless is crap won’t win?! (i’m really gross sorry 😛 )
This and the bulgarian song where awesome.
I bet we are going to hear both in all the clubs this summer.

Alberto from italy


Awesome song i think it had to win! Lyrics are great so is beat rythm singer voice, i like it all 110%! Go go sopho pown these comercial pop/rap rtards


Song’s the best pop product i’ve ever heard on the mainstream tv for the last five years. IMHO the performance was crappy, except cutie Sopho ofcourse) putting those lisginka dancers on the scene doesn’t make any sense. Anyway, i didn’t excpect to hear such a bomb on the stupid eurovision. Sopho, u was really great, good luck to you!
With love from Russia) Ты лучшая, чмок ))


sopho’s vocal skills and the song are perfect! Both are too much for the competition,where the „comedy show” with no vocal and no taste to music took the second place…

I am 100% sure, if the judges of the contest where musicians and people who knew the value of the real music,Georgia would be at least in the first 5, even if not the first!!!!

From Serbia

I am from Serbia and I liked this song (together with the Hungarian) the most. It is great.


I”m from russia. I’m singer too. I never saw Sopho before, but i like her song. she’s great singer.

Max, England, UK

Someone else said she sounds like Bjork. Someone else thought like me and reckonded the tune was a bit Jame Bond like. Anyway this was by far the best song in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. Georgia and Sopho was horribly robbed.


I’m from Scotland and would just like to say that this song is probably the finest Eurovision song that has ever been. It grabbed me the way people grab their mobiles when they ring.
It held me the way we are held to the Earth….it is that powerful.
Its notes and rhythms invite a communion. Sopho sang this song with such passion, sensitivity and intensity. The song and the singer produced a synergism.
The video to accompany the song opened up Georgia to my eyes.
Before long, I plan to visit.